Outriders perfected difficulty

Outriders is a looter shooter that is on another level. It has fantastic gameplay, a solid story, great loot, a fun endgame, and the difficulty is what you want it to be.

What do I mean by this?

Well, consider a game like Destiny.

Destiny is a fantastic looter shooter series, I would argue that it is the best one out there. Where Destiny seems to struggle is difficulty, none of the activities are intrinsically difficult, meaning that they are not tough to beat on their own merit. Bungie had to make the game more difficult with modifiers that allow the enemies to do more damage, they had to add champions that require specific mods to kill, and they had to limit the level of people’s characters just to make two difficult activities, Grandmaster Nightfalls and high tier Lost Sectors. The issue with this is that it is artificial difficulty, meaning that the entire game will never be as difficult as these activities and players do not have the choice to ramp up the difficulty.

Destiny is very easy and can’t be changed

On the other hand a game like Dark Souls stays difficult throughout the entire play through and gives players no option to make it easier. It may sound sound strange to bring up Dark Souls when discussing looters or looter shooters, but it is the strongest example of a tough game. These games receive the highest of praise not only because of the difficulty, but because of how they handle the difficulty. Dark Souls is a frustrating game that punishes the smallest of mistakes. Yet, each encounter is fair and can be easily beaten so long as the player takes the time to learn how each enemy moves and attacks. When they do this they can come up with a strategy on how to clear the area or beat the boss. It is infuriating, yet so god damn rewarding when you finally beat the boss that has been kicking your ass for the past three hours.

Dark Souls is very difficult and can’t be changed

Destiny doesn’t allow you to make the game harder, in most instances. Dark Souls refuses to have mercy on you, either you learn and adapt or you piss off and play something more casual. There is nothing wrong with playing a casual game, at all.

In Outriders, you have complete control over how difficult the content will be. The way that they have difficulty set up is that you can choose World Tiers, these World Tiers affect the level of the enemies, but they also affect the level of your loot.

Example: If you are level 7 playing at World Tier 5, the enemies will be two levels higher than your character, meaning they will be level 9. This makes them harder to handle with your level 7 gear. Luckily, the World Tier also modifies the level of gear you are allowed to equip and the gear that you earn. So, you will be fighting level 9

As you play through the game, you level up your character and you level up your World Tier if you choose to play on the highest level you have unlocked. The downside to this is that if you die on your highest unlocked World Tier, you lose progress towards the next level. At the same time, you can refuse to upgrade it past World Tier 1 and receive no penalty.

So, if you are a more casual gamer looking to soak in a good story while feeling like a god, you can cruise through the campaign on World Tier 1. None of the enemies or bosses will pose much of a threat as you wield the power of the anomaly to crush them into dust.

If that isn’t something that interests you, if you’re more of a hardcore gamer that prefers to challenge themselves to learn and overcome obstacles you can do that to. You can crawl through the campaign at a slow pace while steadily upping your World Tiers. You may die in most encounters, but you probably know that, you might even want that. After failing enough you will learn exactly what it is you need to do to beat every encounter and every boss. You will come out of the campaign ready to rock out in the Expeditions.

Neither of these play styles is superior to the other. People enjoy these games in different ways, anybody that tries to shame someone else for how they enjoy their gaming time is an asshole, don’t be an asshole.

It is just fantastic that the game allows for both sides of the gaming community to be happy. The more story oriented people can play on a low difficulty and have a fun time and the hardcore nerds can push their skills to the limit. They cater to all players, which is something that this genre of games is lacking. Games in this genre tend to cater to one type of player over the other, believing that it will improve their income. They never stop to think that they can appeal to both and just rake in the dough.

So, whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore looter, you MUST give Outriders a shot. I’ve put damn near 200 hours into this game and I am still obsessed with it. On a side note it is a part of the Xbox Game Pass which means you can try it for free, so long as you are already paying for the game pass. If not, you get to try the game at a discounted price.