Outriders is everything Anthem wanted to be and more


Arguably the least important aspect in the looter shooter genre. I don’t care where I go, why I go, or why I shoot the things that I shoot. Give me my loot and shut the hell up. That’s how everyone plays looter shooters, yeah?


Gameplay is one of the most important aspects of a game like this. If the game isn’t enjoyable, there is no incentive to experience the stor


Easily the most important aspect of the LOOTER Shooter.

End Game

The only thing worse than a piss poor campaign is a terrible end game to wash it down with.


Outriders has succeeded where Anthem failed. It wins in every aspect, although it may be an unfair comparison. I plan on writing a review about Outriders that simply talks about the merits of the game without putting other games down so much.



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Nicholas Andrews

Nicholas Andrews

I am an aspiring writer with a love for gaming, I hope that one day I may combine these passions into a career. I will be posting mock articles to hone my craft