Nostalgia is a strong drug

Like the title states, nostalgia is a strong drug. It can be nice to sit back and look at the good old days with rose tinted glasses. We think about what it was like to be a kid, and the TV shows and Movies we used to watch back then and the games we used to play.

Media entertainment companies and Video Game Developers are taking advantage of this drug known as nostalgia and using it to sell their products. If you look at the newest movies coming out, a large portion of these movies are reboots, sequels to reboots, never ending series that simply live off of the perpetual hype of the previous movies, or another fucking super hero movie. People eat this shit up, hell, I eat it up. I love watching some of these reboot because they are truly entertaining, and I love me some super hero flicks. Marvel has made some of my favorite movies in the past decade and I will continue watch them.

The problem with the endless reboots and sequels is that it feels like movie companies aren’t truly innovating any more. It’s rare that we get new movies that really get it right. The only reason that we have some of these classic movies to reboot like Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, The Lion King, and all the other movies that have been rebooted in the last decade is because someone took a chance and wrote their own story. They made a fresh movie or adapted a novel into a movie, they didn’t rely on nostalgia, they didn’t reboot some other movie.

The reason they do this is because of how strong a drug nostalgia is, and they realize that it is a guaranteed way to sell tickets and to make money. Why would they risk millions on a new story when they can simply give us a reboot or a sequel to a classic with some big name actors in it. They are treating it like a business rather than art and it’s sad to see.

That being said, despite being against the nature of reboots and disliking the death of art in movies, I will 100% still be watching the new Jumanji sequel, The new Venom, John Wick 4, and any other sequel or reboot that I am interested in.

I am an aspiring writer with a love for gaming, I hope that one day I may combine these passions into a career. I will be posting mock articles to hone my craft