[Destiny 2] Xur 1/14/22 Location and Inventory

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Xur is currently in the EDZ and will be there until 1 P.M Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday the 18th.

For the uninitiated, Xur is a vendor that comes around at the daily reset every Friday and leaves on weekly reset. Xur brings an assortment of Exotic Armors, 1 for each class, an exotic weapon, and he recently started bringing a collection of legendary weapons and armors that aren’t easily accessible or entirely inaccessible. He also sells an exotic engram that will give you an exotic you don’t have in your collections, unless you have them all then you get a random rolled exotic armor piece.

So, let’s look at what he has and decide whether or not these pieces are worth the Legendary Shards.

One thing to keep in mind is that I will always recommend that you buy an exotic IF it is not a part of your collections yet. The reason I advise you to buy exotics that aren’t in your collection is because of the exotic engram that costs 97 Legendary Shards and gives you a random exotic that you don’t yet own. This includes anything that Xur is selling that week. This means that the best way to buy from Xur is to first buy anything that you don’t own then buy the Exotic Engram. If you don’t, you run the risk of spending 97 shards on a armor piece or weapon that would have costed 23 or 29 shards.

Exotic Weapon

The Sweet Business is a meme weapon and a ton of fun to use! It’s a literal Gatling gun that you’ll have a blast shooting in PvE and PvP. Chances are it will never find it’s way into the meta, but sometimes having fun is more important than strictly running a meta loadout.

Bonus Tip: If you are a Titan with the Actium War Rig Exotic Chest Piece, you will be able to fire this weapon for almost 30 seconds without reloading.

Warlock Exotic Armor Piece

The Vesper of Radius isn’t a very good exotic. Typically you’ll see this in meme build rather than anything serious. The only use case that this exotic may have is increased rift regeneration, which is very niche since you won’t find yourself in many situations where you are desperate for rifts. Only buy it if you have the legendary shards and it isn’t in your collection.

The roll itself is pretty decent, mobility and strength wouldn’t be very helpful on this piece whereas the 22 recovery would add to the rift regen speed.

Hunter Exotic Armor Piece

The Gwisin Vest used to be insanely good when it released back in Forsaken. Unfortunately this chest piece got nerfed pretty hard along with the super it was designed for, Spectral Blades. I can’t recommend using it in either PvE or PvP. In PvE, Spectral Blades are very weak and should never be used. In PvP, you’re gonna be better of using the good ol’ ST0MP-EE5 or the Wormhusk Crown. Only buy it if you have the legendary shards and it isn’t in your collection.

The roll is decent but try not to be fooled by the 66 total. The total isn’t everything when it comes to armor pieces, I will be publishing an article about that in the future. But Recovery is a great perk, Intellect is a little weird now since the ability rework, and it has some Mobility which is a must on Hunter.

Titan Exotic Armor Piece

You know what they say, “save the best for last”. I mean this both in that Titan is the best class, and their Exotic armor piece this week is the best.

Armamentarium is an exotic that has a very simple bonus, you get one extra grenade charge. One grenade is boring, enhance your gameplay with a second grenade! It works with any sub-class and any tree with the exception of top-tree Striker. Two grenades is fun, three would be taking it too far. Buy this armor piece now, seriously, stop reading this article and buy the damn exotic. You’re welcome.

The roll on this piece isn’t great, but it’s not the worst. The Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery split is pretty meh, one of those could be cut down and it would be better. The 11 Discipline is nice, 2 Intellect is good due to how useless it’s become, and the 20 Strength is tragic at best. If you only have a collections roll, pick it up.

Legendary Gear

When it comes to the Legendary Gear, I won’t be going as in depth. I will post a picture of each weapon and give a yay or a nay. The armor will be much simpler, I will post a picture of the full set without a shader. If there are any must have rolls I will show them off as well.


This roll is awful, don’t bother.
Abysmal Roll, This gun sucks without Timed Payload.
The roll is terrible, Underdog and Sympathetic Arsenal are awful perks. The gun itself, well, as the name implies it offers nothing but False Promises. It’s a High-Impact Frame Auto Rifle that hits like a wet noodle. You’d have better luck using it like a baseball bat than you would actually pulling the trigger.
This looks pretty bad at first, BUT, I’ve been seeing a TON of hype about it on Twitter. So I suggest grabbing it and trying it in PvP, if you’re into Fusion Rifles that is.
This shotgun is a must have! The roll is pretty decent, if for some reason you don’t have a better roll then you must pick this up!
This Machine Gun is beautiful and easily the best Arc Machine Gun available. The Swarm is okay but it doesn’t roll with Auto-Loading Holster which is a big loss in my opinion. The roll that Xur has this week is fantastic as well
This weapon had a complete monopoly on the PvE meta during Season of Opulence, since then it’s nothing more than a paperweight. This roll doesn’t work for PvP or PvE.


Xur is currently offering the Righteous Armor Set which was available during the Season of the Dawn.

Warlock Armor Set
Hunter Armor Set
Titan Armor Set



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