[Destiny 2] We finally have details about Vault of Glass! (Response to 4/29/21 TWAB)

Nicholas Andrews
3 min readMay 1, 2021


Not a ton to talk about in yesterday’s TWAB post, but we do finally have details about the Vault of Glass raid that is being brought from the first Destiny into the second.

Vault of Glass

We are getting the Vault of Glass on May 22nd at the usual reset time. For the first 24 hours the raid will have the contest modifier like all new raids. Contest will keep players power level capped at 1300 for the duration of the raid.

For the first 24 hours, players will also have access to the Tempo’s Edge Triumph, which is a list of challenges that need to be completed in the raid. Challenge mode is only available after completing the raid normally. During the challenge mode of the raid, the game will wipe your fireteam if you fail the challenge.

World’s First?

This is the first time that Bungie has brought a raid back and had a “World’s First” for the raid. The way that they are handling it is fantastic.

The belt is silver rather than the usual gold, and if you look closely the belt has the clan name of the clan that claimed the 2014 World’s First, and to the right it will have the name of the 2021 Word’s First team, or more appropriately named, World’s Second team.

Buffs and Nerfs

Sleeper is meta again?!

There will be a decent amount of buffs coming with the new season.

Linear Fusion Rifles (Including exotics) are recieving a 15% damage buff and an ammo reserve buff by 20%. These weapons have been useless ever since their Gambit inspired nerf. Sleeper was one of the best weapons in D1 and I’m glad to see it have a chance to be meta again.

Precision Auto Rifles are getting a 1 damage per bullet buff. Pretty meh change, these autos are pretty bad and will more than likely stay that way even after this buff.

and a nerf.

Fusion Rifles have increased damage fall off. This makes fusions less viable in PvP, but I doubt they will die out completely.

Perk Changes

Subsistence no longer reduces ammo reserves. Turns this perk from a waste of space to being fairly decent, very interested in trying the perk out when it’s buffed.

High-Impact Reserves and Under Pressure have been made to be more consistent. Pretty meh.

Unrelenting heals more and activates easier. This perk is terrible, maybe it will have a use case when it’s buffed, we’ll have to see.

Sympathetic Arsenal gives increased reload speed. Nope.

Dragonfly procs on heavy shanks and servitors. Cool change, doesn’t affect much.

Hipfire Grip received a buff, yup. Still a waste of a perk slot, I will stand by that unless proven otherwise.

Iron Grip, Iron Gaze, Iron Reach the stat penalty is not as harsh. Nice change to some unique perks.

Osmosis and Elemental Capacitor now include stasis, Elemental Capacitor with stasis gives recoil reduction and gives the player normal movement speed while ADS. It was weird to see that this wasn’t a thing to begin with, and I find it hard to praise Bungie for adding things that should have been in the game to start with.

Celerity and Bottomless Grief give intrinsic bonuses. Celerity gives increased handling and reload. Bottomless Grief gives increased magazine size. These perks were downright useless, this buff brings them F tier to C tier.

No Distractions was buffed a bit, quicker to activate and more effective. Still a D tier perk in my opinion.


I really like what’s coming to Destiny in the next season. If the seasonal content is on par with everything else next season is going to be amazing.



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