[Destiny 2] The Vault Debate, Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

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The Vault in Destiny 2 serves as the only form of storage for Weapons, Armor, and Consumables. The Postmaster exists as well, but that is a much less permanent form of storage since it only holds 21 items and those items will be deleted if you let the postmaster overflow.

Currently we have 500 slots in our Vault at the moment. The debate is whether or not we need more vault space.

The Vault has always been a point of contention, but recently on twitter it has been a very hot topic. This is because people with large reach in the community are tweeting about the vault space needing to be increased.

Gernader Jake has been tweeting daily about wanting more vault space. This has sparked some debate, some agree with him, saying that they are sick of only having a few slots available. Others are firm in the belief that people need to delete more items that probably aren’t worth keeping around. Some psychopaths are even showing off their vaults with less than 50 items. Unfortunately, others resorted to slinging insults rather than genuinely trying to make a valid argument.

Gernjader Jake is a Twitch streamer that does Trials carries on stream. If for some reason you haven’t check out his channel you should do that at https://www.twitch.tv/gernaderjake

Paul Tassi even wrote an article about how his vault won’t be able to handle Witch Queen. When he tweeted about the article he had the same exact thing happen. Some people agreed and others argued that extra vault space is unnecessary.

Paul Tassi is a Journalist that writes for Forbes, check out his other articles at https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/?sh=4793c2a6f0ac They’re worth the read!

There is two sides to this argument and they both seem to feel very strongly about their opinion. I will try my best to present both sides of the argument before I give my honest opinion.

Argument for more vault space

New Weapons

Each season Bungie adds new weapons and armor sets to the game. Recently, these weapons have been pretty awesome. Between Season of the Lost and the 30th Anniversary, Bungie has given us a plethora of amazing weapons to chase. Here’s a list of the weapons that I’ve used personally

Fracethyst: Kinetic Shotgun, good in PvP

Vulpecula: Shoot to Loot + Explosive Rounds is a lot of fun in VoG

Eyasluna: Great for PvE and PvP

Pardon Our Dust: Autoload + Demo + Blinding Nades + Funny Self Roasting Name = Perfect Kinetic Grenade Launcher

Wolftone Draw: Excellent Bow with Shoot to Loot

Darkest Before: Insane PvP Pulse Rifle

Punching Out: If you get Frenzy on this Sidearm you’ll love it, guaranteed or your money back

Half Truths/The Other Half: Eager Edge might be the greatest perk that Bungie has given us.

That’s nine weapons and I didn’t even bother mentioning the Exotics, that’s NINE vault spaces taken up by weapons.

These are simply weapons that are brought via small Seasonal content, just try to imagine what a major expansion + a season will do to people’s vaults. I cringe at the thought of it.

Crazy Stat Rolls

Not only are the new weapons insanely good and fun to use, the armor that I’ve been getting recently is wild as well. The Dares of Eternity is currently dropping some of the craziest stat rolls I’ve seen.

These are some solid boots, slap a +10 Recovery Mod and Masterwork this bad boy and you have a 24 Mobility, 21 Recovery, and 31 Intellect piece. That’s pretty solid if you ask me, and I’ve had plenty of insane rolls drop that I’ve had to part ways with due to vault space combined with the fact that I already have the rolls I need.

3 Characters

Some people may only use one character and the others serve primarily as storage. This is not the case for a large portion of the player base, the rest of us use two or three of our characters. I personally use my Titan and my Warlock all the time and my Hunter usually is only brought out when it’s time to gear up for a raid or I’m trying to get a specific drop from the raid.

Three characters with multiple builds on each, this can add up real quick. With the vault only having 500 spaces, this means that each character gets 100 slots and that leaves 200 slots for weapons. You may argue that you can keep most of your gear on your character. But that is only the case if you want every piece of loot that drops for you going to the Postmaster. Which is a real pain in the ass since we have to store multiple materials in there due to the limitations of what we can hold in our inventory. Ascendant Shards, Enhancement Prisms, Spoils of Conquest, and Upgrade Modules all ready to be thrown away the second the Postmaster overflows past 21.

Personally, I have about seven different armor sets on my Warlock, Five on my Titan, and two on my Hunter. That’s 70 armor pieces, and that doesn’t include any of my other exotics that I use or the different rolls on exotics that I may use.

Sunset Weapons

People often argue that sunset weapons aren’t worth keeping, I disagree. Sunset weapons are entirely viable in older activities such as raids, dungeons, and even in Quickplay PvP modes. Even if someone doesn’t use them, it’s still nice to hang onto a few weapons that means something to the player. I have 18 Sunset weapons that I refuse to delete and I only use 4 of them on a daily basis. Nostalgia is a powerful thing, don’t try to fight it.

Constantly Evolving Meta

One concept that will always force people to second guess deleting a weapon is the fact that the meta in PvP and PvE are constantly changing. We went from Rocket Launchers, to Grenade Launchers, to Izanagi, to Double Slug, back to Grenade Launchers, Rockets again, then finally to Fusion Rifles. There have been multiple times where I’ve farmed for a god roll of a weapon despite it being terrible at the time and it payed off because it was put into the meta. First in Last out, Cartesian, and Threaded Needle are all weapons that I held onto in case they became meta and they actually payed off. This isn’t much but there are also times where I deleted items that ended up becoming meta which was very disappointing.

Arguments against more Vault space


In an interview with PCGAMER, Joe Black Burn (Game Director for Destiny 2) stated that adding vault space isn’t as easy as pressing a button.

More vault space would mean worse load times and a less stable game. Which, at this point in time 1/13/2022, the game is very unstable.

Seriously, I’ve crashed far too many times since the launch of the 30th Anniversary. It also is nearly impossible to inspect gear or change mods due to insanely slow load times. It genuinely feels like I’m back on console. That and the fact that I have a 3070 Graphics Card and struggle to push 144 FPS.

You don’t use half of the gear you use anyways

Let’s face it, the Hand Cannon that has a pretty cool roll has been collecting dust in the vault. You can delete these weapons and chances are that you won’t remember them in a week. You truly won’t be missing out on much.

Armor pieces are the same, it doesn’t matter if an armor piece has a good roll, if it sits in your vault and collects dust it is a waste of space.


Keeping armor simply for the appearance is no longer worth doing. Transmog has entirely eliminated the need for keeping armor based on looks. Since you can change the appearance of your legendary gear to look like any of the legendary pieces that you have unlocked in your collection.

Will more vault space solve your problems?

Chances are, it doesn’t matter how many vault spaces Bungie throws at your face. You’ll find a way to fill up the space that they give you. If your vault is constantly at or around 500 that means that you have a serious hoarding issue. They could give you 2000 extra slots and most of us would find a way to fill it by the end of that season. Keep in mind, I am very guilty of hoarding myself. I speak from experience rather than bullshit speculation.


If it were truly as easy as clicking a button, I would love to have 1000–2000 vault spaces. I absolutely despise having to delete my god rolled weapons simply because they haven’t found their way into the meta yet. But, I understand why it can’t happen and that it is important to be able to let go of the gear that I don’t use.

Neither side is right or wrong. At the end of the day, people are going to play the way they want. Whether they hoard every piece of gear that they get or they delete everything that doesn’t get used every day.



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