Destiny 2 Solar Warmind Cell Build

This build relies on quite a few specific weapons/mods. It relies on the Wrath of Rasputin Mod that gives you a chance to create a Warmind Cell when you get a kill with Solar Splash damage. The general idea behind this build is killing enemies with your Martyr’s Retribution, Kinetic Weapon, Xenophage, or even your subclass abilities to make Warmind Cells and use them to kill the rest of the ads. Then use Xenophage for boss damage when needed


Energy: Martyr’s Retribution, does solar splash damage and is great for ad clear.

Heavy: Xenophage, solar splash damage to make warmind cells+ solid boss damage


Global Reach (Neutral): Larger blast radius for warmind cell

Power of Rasputin/Cellular Suppression (Void): Power of Rasputin grants increased weapon damage to enemies near a Warmind Cell, great for most activities. Cellular Suppression blinds nearby enemies and makes it take longer to destroy a warmind cell, great for activities where you are under-leveled.

Warmind’s Longevity (Void): Makes your Warmind Cells last longer.

Wrath of Rasputin (Solar): Solar splash damage kills have a chance to generate Warmind Cells.

Some of these mods can be replaced with other mods but these are the ones I have available and choose to use.

This is the build that I use for general ad killing and in different activities. Warmind Cells are fantastic for taking out waves after waves of enemies.