[Destiny 2] Season 14 (Season of the Splicer) Preparation Guide

Nicholas Andrews
3 min readMay 4, 2021


The Season of the Chosen comes to a close in a week, with it’s end comes a new season, Season of the Splicer. Before this season ends, there’s a few things you’ll want to do in preparation for the new season.


With the changes to the shader system happening next season, Bungie will be removing shaders from player’s inventories. You’ll want to make sure that you take the time to delete these before the end of the season so that you don’t lose the materials. Sure, it’s just some legendary shards and glimmer and there is a possibility that Bungie will give you the materials anyways, but why chance it?

Season Pass Gear

Bungie has said that we will not be able to acquire gear from the season pass after the season ends. Even if you don’t wan the gear you can dismantle it for materials, again, it’s not a ton but there’s no reason to throw them away or lose them due to laziness.

Crucible and Gambit Rank Ups

When the next season starts, you’re Valor and Infamy rank will reset. Make sure you claim your rewards before you lose them.

Vanguard Tokens

I’m not super clear on whether or not Bungie is going to be removing Vanguard Tokens the same way they did with Crucible tokens. I figure it’s worth it to turn them into materials just in case they do decide to do so.

Spring Cleaning

Coming with the new season is a ton of new weapons and armor sets. This means you need to go into your vault and clear out the useless junk that you have stored in there. Unless you’re one of those sociopaths that has less than 100 items in your vault. I don’t understand how your brain works and I’m certain that nobody will, ever. If you’re normal, than you will have a plethora of gear that you saved “just in case”, I know this because that’s my reasoning as well.

Talk to Hawthorne

Make sure to stop by and talk to Hawthorne. Grab your clan engrams if you have any and pick up a few raid banners, they’ll come in handy in the Vault of Glass and more than likely the new six man match made activity that is coming with the Season of the Splicer.

Raid Practice/Research

With the new season we will see the return of the first raid in the Destiny franchise, the Vault of Glass. There will be a raid race and a Day 1 available.

If you are able to, get on Destiny 1 with your day 1 Vault of Glass Raid team and get reacquainted with the mechanics of the raid. They aren’t going to be 1:1 but it’s better than nothing. If you don’t have Destiny 1 and/or haven’t completed the raid, you should watch a guide video or read a text guide to learn the mechanics.



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